WinACC's submission to the consultation on LPP2. 

Following the Paris Conference, plans like this will have to ramp up their proposals to reduce climate change. We hope you think it has covered all the points you would want WinACC to make - i.e. from the climate change viewpoint.   

The main themes are:

·         LPP2 cannot demonstrate a ‘sound’ approach to mitigating the transport impacts of the developments proposed without an up-to-date traffic movement study that assesses the developments proposed by LPP2 in Winchester District and in neighbouring districts

·         From the evidence available, proposals to mitigate transport impacts are insufficient

·         The Sustainability Appraisal has looked at a set of proposals that are different from the proposals in LPP2, so no relevant sustainability appraisal has been carried out

·         Some of the policies on development management and building design could be strengthened to reduce climate change to the levels now agreed. 

The same issues arise in many different parts of the documents, so the WinACC response is necessarily repetitive. 

You can find forms and the full texts of the draft LPP2 on the City Council website If you respond online, write your response offline first and paste your answers into the forms. You will then have a secure copy.