Energy monitoring

How much energy is your home using? Is the energy use going up or down? How much energy does your home consume when you’re out or overnight? Monitoring the energy use can help answer all of these and help you identify areas where you can make savings.

Whole-house energy monitors

These measure the total electricity consumption of your home in real time.  They help you to understand how and when the energy is used helping you to focus on the impact of hungry appliances and background standby use.

Individual socket energy meters

If you want to measure the energy consumption of a specific appliance than you can use a ‘plug-in power meter’. The meter plugs into an electrical socket and you plug the appliance into the meter (as shown in the picture).  For example you can measure the energy consumption of a fridge over the course of 24 hours – something which is impractical with a whole-house energy monitor.

Other ways of measuring energy

Energy use can be measured simply by taking meter readings and adding them into a notebook or spreadsheet, using an online tool like iMeasure. Alternatively, to gain an initial understanding, you can record and review the data from your gas and electricity bills over the last year.

Home Energy – Energy Monitors (L0)                                  


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