Twelve Actions for a Lower Carbon Council:

 1.  We buy the most energy-efficient latest equipment and fittings for our buildings.

2.  Our staff and Councillors will be trained in eco-driving that increases miles per gallon.

3.  We are working with our waste collection service to review routes to reduce emissions from their lorries.

4.  We install solar panels on the Council estate whenever this makes financial sense and the location and structures are suitable.

5.  Sustainability underpins the Local Plan Parts 1 and 2.

6.  In planning, specifying, assessing or making decisions on new major developments, we always ensure that one of the criteria is the development’s contribution to cutting the carbon footprint of the District and shifting from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy.

7.  We will reduce the carbon footprint of the proposed new leisure facilities to as close to zero as financially and technically feasible, in respect of the use of the whole site, its construction, running emissions and user travel emissions.

8.  We will facilitate the introduction of renewable energy initiatives, including solar and hydro-power, whether Council-owned or as community projects.

9.  Where the City Council is responsible for commissioning public transport, we specify reduced emissions whenever a new contract is advertised and agreed.

10. We will carry out a mid-term review of the parking policy in 2016, seeking to align it more closely with the Council’s economic strategy including its aspirations to build a local carbon economy.

11. We encourage other organisations, both public and business, to reduce their carbon footprint and shift from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy.

12. We require organisations that are awarded grant aid and / or commissions to make a commitment to reducing their emissions in the Winchester District, and to report on their progress.

This list of twelve actions is appendix 2 of the report:


Other key documents include: