The WinACC/FoE meeting on 19 January looked at what happens after the historic Paris Climate Agreement in December - globally, nationally and locally.

It started with three brief presentations:

  1. Demonstrating at Paris, and what we can learn, by Rachel Platt, WinACC trustee
  2. International carbon commitments and the outcome for global warming, a briefing from WinACC's Science and Technology Advisory Panel.
  3. What needs to happen now - a manifesto for international action by David Knight.

People then discussed what we can do to influence national and local politicians, news media and people to turn our commitments into reality. People promised to:

  • Make climate change a top issue in local elections in May
  • Host a cool communities meeting for their neighbours  
  • Write to Hampshire Chronicle to get our message out
  • Encourage people make their homes more energy efficient 
  • Keep pressure up on our MPs 
  • Arrange for Andy Smale to talk about saving energy costs and emissions 
  • Contribute to the City Council’s Year of Walking
  • Press for divestment from the Hampshire County Council Local Government Pension Scheme

Please join in! To take part in any of these activities, just give us a ring on 01962 827083 or email