At our open meeting on 5 February 2016, people recommended the following top priorities for the year: 

  1. Use external events as ways to influence (e.g. local election, EU referendum, devolution, Silver Hill)
  2. Promote our vision for Winchester, with transport/access/mobility at its heart
  3. Engage with Feet First, the Winchester City Council walking theme 2016/2017
  4. Encourage lots of people to take part in Cool Communities – including measuring and celebrating success
  5. Retrofitting, especially insulating (maybe a focus on internal insulation)
  6. Improving our website and giving people simple guidance on what they should do
  7. Raise more funding from sources outside local government
  8. Encourage people to reduce reliance on fossil fuels
  9. Use the local paper, Twitter and Facebook to get our message across.

These were reflected in the plan, attached.