Winchester City Cabinet decided on 10 February 2016:

  1. To serve notice of termination of the Silver Hill Development Agreement (dated 22 December 2004) on the grounds that the unconditional date and the date for start of works as defined in the Development Agreement had not occurred by 1 June 2015.
  2. That no further action be taken to implement the compulsory purchase order (CPO).
  3. That a decision on whether or not to retain the freehold and leasehold interests within the Silver Hill area which were acquired by the Council in January 2014, together with the budget and estate management implications, be considered at a special Cabinet meeting (scheduled for 4pm on Tuesday 29 March 2016), and subject to consideration of a business case, with a preference that the properties be retained by the Council.
  4. That a report be brought to the special Cabinet meeting setting out in outline how development might be brought forward on the Silver Hill site in the light of termination of the Development Agreement.
  5. That an update report on the possible acquisition of the St. Clements Surgery and construction of a replacement surgery on Upper Brook Street Car Park be considered at a special Cabinet meeting.

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