The Climate Justice meeting on 22 March 2016 heard a  presentation by Kiri from Oxfam, and then discussed what we in Winchester can do. The meetng identified ten practical actions we can take:

  1. Pressurise Government for consistent action
  1. Lobby lobby lobby – DECC, Ministers, MPs, City and County Councillors.
  • Lobby personally not just via petitions
  • Lobby about specific issues
  • Lobby consistently and regularly
  • WinACC needs to prompt people when there are national consultations / lobbies / deadlines
  1. Email Steve Brine – and respond to his response… MPs are really influenced by what comes into their mailbox – they add up the numbers
  2. Ask all politicians when they canvass for local Government election this May, “What’s your party doing about climate change?”
  3. Promote community level discussion with local Councillors and local Government
  4. Encourage the City Council to promote exemplar renewable energy projects
  5. Demonstrations and public witness are a good way to motivate and bring people together
  6. Vote with your wallet: shop at Oxfam; choose to shop from ethical companies; lobby companies; Fairtrade
  7. Unlock the potential of older people to get message out using social media; energise younger people, e.g. through schools
  8. Reach wider range of local people – different images; use social media; try parish magazines

The most important things people said that they learnt frm the meeting were:

  1. The importance of lobbying – together.
  2. Climate change drives and amplifies inequalities, and the poorest are disproportionately affected. 
  3. Inequalities of wealth contribute to climate change 
  4. Using graphic images makes people see things afresh
  5. Think long-term – what are we leaving for our grandchildren?