"This changes everything", a conceptual album of original music on climate change, will  be released on 3 June by Splendid Fred, The University of Winchester’s own record label. 

With lyrics from the perspective of people who deny that climate change is happening as well as people who are already addressing the problems head-on, the album presents information, facts and a range of opinions about this global issue. It doesn’t try to preach, but carries the overarching message that climate change needs to be discussed by everyone, and immediately.

To reinforce The University of Winchester’s ongoing dedication to creating a dialogue about climate change, all proceeds from album sales will go to WinACC.

One of the album’s composers and performers Django Black said:

'The record draws awareness to the dangers of allowing climate change to go unchecked. Although the charity may be local, climate change is a global concern and every one of us is held accountable for how we treat the planet.'

This changes everything will be released on June 3 2016 via Splendid Fred Records and will be available to buy on iTunes.

Splendid Fred Records was launched by The University of Winchester in summer 2015, funded by a Learning and Teaching grant. Specialising in original music from the University’s students, graduates, and members of staff, Splendid Fred Records offers a platform for young songwriters and performers. With its marketing and management teams drawn from the student body, it is outward-facing and provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate their entrepreneurial skills as well as their musical abilities.

Glenn Fosbraey, founder of Splendid Fred, says: “The amount of material we have on offer is enormous, and varied. Creating an official space for our music in Winchester means we have a constant dialogue with the city, and play a full part in the creative and artistic fabric of the region.”

Splendid Fred’s first album, A list of things I never did, a compilation of tracks from all the label artists, was released in December 2015 and cemented their status as an innovator in original popular music within the region.