ExxonMobil shareholders have a long history of rejecting resolutions related to climate change. It has happened at every AGM since 1990 according to Fossil Free, an international organisation calling for divestment from fossil fuels.

At the recent 2016 AGM every resolution on climate change was once again rejected. This included a resolution by the Church Commissioners, the investment body of the Church of England, calling for Exxon to report on the impacts of climate change policies on its business. Over 60% of shareholders rejected it. What's more, 81% of shareholders rejected a resolution to limit global warming to 2˚C.

If, like Fossil Free, you believe the Church of England's policy of 'robust engagement' with oil and gas companies like ExxonMobil is not working, you can Sign their petition here. It calls on the Church of England to divest from fossil fuel companies like Exxon and invest in a zero-carbon future.