In a March report "Home energy efficiency and demand reduction", The Energy and Climate Change Committee say that the Government must do more to reduce consumer gas and electricity bills by improving the energy efficiency of new and existing homes - including reinstating the zero carbon homes policy scrapped following the election.

Angus MacNeil MP, Chair of the Energy and Climate Change Committee says "Investing in warmer and more energy efficient homes is a 'win win'. For consumers it will mean lower energy bills and warmer homes that are more comfortable to live in. And as a country we can increase our energy security, cut the UK’s contribution to climate change and reduce costs by not unnecessarily generating more energy than we need.We need to ensure all new houses are super insulated and fit for the future by reintroducing a zero carbon homes policy, especially as many building companies are prepared to deliver it, but it is the improvements we make to Britain’s existing housing stock that will make the most difference."

He concluded:  "Action is not a cost today, but an important investment for the future.  The cheapest form of energy is the energy that we don’t need to use."

Read more at the House of Commons website.