A big hit at the Hat Fair, Casual Games for City Walkers is now available to read on the website or to download and print. Make your everyday trips more interesting and look at Winchester in a new way.

These games were written by Harry Giles in and for Winchester. It’s easy to forget about the walking pleasures of small cities, where a week’s walking could reasonably cover every street. When you think you know everywhere in your town, how do you make walking exciting again?

Harry wanted to write games that you can play – in your mind or with a pen and paper – when you walk from home to work, or round the corner to the café for lunch.  Each game is about noticing something in the way you walk, or how your city is built, or how people move and interact in ordinary and extraordinary ways. Some of them are strange, some are silly, some are hardly possible, some only take a moment: all of them can make walking new again.