Over 80 people ranging from Peter Symonds College and University of Winchester students to the Leader of the City Council spent a day in lively discussion about what makes Winchester special and what it should be like in the future.

Ideas and issues raised included:

  • traffic congestion
  • promoting the city by drawing more on its historic heritage, as well as protecting it 
  • Winchester needs to grow and change to meet changing needs
  • how hard it is to find - or afford -  somewhere to live
  • how safe the city feels, even to young women
  • the pleasure of a small town centre where you meet people without planning to
  • the lack of large, open-plan office space
  • the delights of unregarded heritage, from decorative brickwork to drainpipes
  • a shortage of facilities for small children, especially in poor weather
  • how the City Council can engage people as it draws up plans
  • how to help more people understand how strategic planning works, and what's happening ....
  • ... and much more.

See our conference page for detailed summary of the ideas from the conference, the presentations and all documents.There was also a good account in the Hampshire Chronicle.


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