This year the focus is on food waste. Why? Because it affects everybody. Find out more about the activities, podcast and campaign here 

Here is a brief summary of why the focus is on food waste this year...

We ALL throw food away!

CHECK OUT YOUR SALAD. Is there anything that needs using up or storing better in the salad drawer? You can store lettuce like cut flowers, in a glass of water and you can even add salad leaves to soup...

Throughout zero waste week we'll be knocking up culinary creations from the cupboards, foraging through the fruit bowl and poking packets in a bid to end the week with satisfied tummies, a swelling bank account and an EMPTY bin. Each day we'll focus on a particular food, bust a myth surrounding food waste and I'll be setting you a daily challenge.

You might wonder why you should care about wasting food; after all, if you throw it away it just rots down into compost, right? 

With the absence of oxygen (which is how it tends to be in a plastic sack at the bottom of landfill), food produces methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Added to that, the average person throws away over £60 per month of food - wouldn't you rather spend that money on something else ?

 Top three tips for making salad leaves last forever:

When you get home, separate the leaves and put them in a container of water. Put the container in the fridge and hey guess what? No wilting salad, even after TEN DAYS!

Alternatively, store your salad leaves in a glass of water like cut flowers - this is great for those tall, thin heads of lettuce you buy.

But what if it's too late and things are beginning to wilt? Did you know that you can also cook salad leaves? Try this salad soup recipe from the BBC