For the next few months the University of Southampton  is offering free training in sustainable hairdressing.  A small salon putting the training into practice could use 24150 kwh less energy, 143,000 litres less water and save over £5000 a year! 

The Ecohair and Beauty project is run by the University of Southampton, in association with industry partners (Habia, VTCT, City & Guilds, MHD, Hair Council, NHF) and the All Party Political group on professionalising the hair industry.

They have created a virtual salon, which takes about 20-60 minutes to work through, exposing trainees and hairdressers to key aspects of sustainable hair care, showing at the same time how these can benefit hair condition, save money, save water, save energy and reduce waste.

A small 4 seater salon that adopted the suggestions would save over £5000 year, save 24150 kWh energy and 143 thousand litres of water!

After working through the salon, you are eligible for a sustainable stylist certificate. For the first few months the University are adding a few feedback questions, and the virtual salon and sustainable stylist certificate is free for this period. So sign up now at

Here is what one of the first users had to say:

“the virtual salon is surprisingly simple. It is designed like a game, which made it fun. I learnt a lot without really realising it. Loved the puppy!”   

The website is also a free online resource that provides educational materials for trainers, hairdressers and trainees – check out the education tab ( for PowerPoints, carbon calculators, quizzes, articles, surveys etc. to help you/your trainees learn about sustainable hair-care.