The think-tank Oil Change International have just recalculated the mathematics of climate change.  The basic gist is this: oil and gas fields and coal mines already in production contain enough carbon to carry us past the two degree mark. claim that, if we’re even remotely serious about stopping runaway climate change,we can’t build any new fossil fuel infrastructure anywhere.  The frontier of the fossil fuel industry, which has been expanding for three centuries, must be closed. Now. No gas. No coal. No oil.  say that it can't be overstated how serious the situation is. This report from Oil Change International shows that every new fossil fuel project is a threat to the Paris climate agreement, and the lives of people put at risk due to climate change. Every single act of divestment and nonviolent resistance to new pipelines, to new gas terminals, coal mines and ports is essential to save the climate. Period.

This is hard news. We all wish we had decades more to make a slow, easy transition. But this new data indicates we have to make that switch right now., based in Washington, USA, is making investments in staff and bold plans now. Click here if you wish to contribute to's global climate movement.

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