Last week, 10:10 kicked off its Blown Away campaign with a petition demanding that fossil fuels are not given more financial support than clean, renewable onshore wind.

10:10 reports that: "Onshore wind is cheapest low carbon energy option going. It’s also popular—73% of the UK back it. And yet the government has robbed onshore wind of financial support, while handing hundreds of millions to dirty fossil fuels.

On the 23rd of November, the new chancellor Philip Hammond will present the autumn statement, his first major policy announcement since taking office. It’s a key moment in the campaign to ensure that onshore wind isn’t hung out to dry.

We know the government is thinking about this—right now. In a response on 21st October to the parliamentary Scottish Affairs Committee the government confirmed that financial support for onshore wind has been discussed, and that it is ‘considering possible options.’ "

Thousands of people from across the UK have signed the petition to demand that dirty fossil fuel electricity is not given more public money than clean onshore wind power. Please click here to add your name.