Together Greenpeace and its supporters are going to take the government to court.  Are you in?

Greenpeace reports that this has been the hottest year in 115,000 years; Arctic ice levels are near rock bottom; yet Theresa May just approved a runway at Heathrow which could fuel even more climate change. "It’s beyond a joke".

Greenpeace further comments:

"But it's not too late - this new runway could break air pollution laws. So if thousands of us chip in, we can publicly take the government to court with a message from British voters: pick planet over profit. Are you ready to make this one of the biggest people-powered cases ever to hit a UK court?

As world leaders enact the Paris climate agreement, our government should be taking urgent action to make progress on the biggest challenge of our generation. Instead they’re giving runways the green-light and giving fracking the thumbs up. Let’s show this government that it’s time to fight climate change, not help fuel it."

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