At 5.00am on Thursday 17th November, Cicely Spelling of 10:10 picked up 1000 pinwheels and headed to Parliament Square. As the sun dawned, she joined 25 bright-eyed and bushy-tailed volunteers and planted the pinwheels on the grassy lawn. 

The sight of those perfect pin wheels blowing gently in the breeze made her smile, and knowing there are people out there who care made her feel hopeful about our future.

The pinwheels represent the lost turbines that can’t be built because of the withdrawal of government support for onshore wind. Lack of public funding and new planning barriers have stopped onshore wind in its tracks, even while fossil fuel power receives billions in public money. And it’s not alright.

On that Thursday, 10:10 handed their 17,900-strong petition, along with a bouquet of pinwheels, to the Treasury and the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. That’s nearly 18,000 people who want to ensure that our future is bright and clean. They hope to get a response in a few months.

10:10 say :-

"We have to make sure the government listen, and we have to tackle all the other barriers currently being put in the way of onshore wind. We know onshore wind is the cheapest option we have for cleaning up our electricity supply, and the public love it. We just have to make sure the policy-makers hear this.
We need you in the months ahead to help us take the campaign to the next level."

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