Greenpeace have just found out that the government is about to attack solar power yet again. Unbelievably, ministers are planning to hit schools and businesses that invest in solar power with huge tax hikes.

Recent government funding cuts have already triggered thousands of job losses in the UK solar industry. But now, if changes to tax on solar panels are pushed through, experts are warning the solar industry will be left decimated.

Now that we're a year on since the Paris climate deal was agreed by world leaders, the UK government should be doubling down on investment in renewable ower -- not slamming the solar industry with huge, unmanageable tax hikes. 

Greenpeace have launched a petition to government against the cuts and as at the end of December 2016 70,000 have already signed. If you agree, please sign the petition to tell the government to urgently rethink the tax hike on solar power in the UK.

To add your name, please click on the link below: