Many local people, including Councillors, are citicising "the mindless attitude towards pedestrians" in  the design of the new Winchester station double-decker car park.

Many people walk through the station. Yet the design of the new car park does not feel safe for pedestrians. We need to encourage people to walk by making routes attractive. At the very least, we must not discourage walking by creating routes which are unattractive. 

Both Winchester City Council and Hampshire County Council have Walking Strategies to encourage people to use their feet instead of their car. Winchester City Council made "Feet First" its theme for the year.
cars overhang footpath
As a spokeperson for Greening Fulflood pointed out, the design of the route through the new car park doesn't take account of where people will walk. "The route of the path from the station door to the car park goes right round the edge of the car park instead of straight across where people want to go. The path crosses the exit of the car park and then stops."

Path zigzags through carpark


His photos show a path running alongside the cars but chicaning around stanchion posts right into the path of moving cars, and parked cars overhanging the footpath.