'Fossil Free Uk' reports:

"With political unrest around the world and climate impacts intensifying daily, now more than ever we need to stand up to protect our shared environment and be active in shaping a just society.

"We know the fossil fuel industry has been corrupting our politics and delaying urgent climate solutions for decades. But as resistance grows and the era of clean, abundant renewable energy draws closer, we can’t let them stand in the way.

"This May, thousand of people around the world will be taking part in a Global Divestment Mobilisation, pushing institutions to show political leadership and divest from fossil fuels - it’s time to get involved where you are.

"Flood disasters have more than doubled in Europe in the last 35 years. Droughts, heatwaves and storms are already causing more deaths and damaging livelihoods. We can already see the devastation climate change will cause; clearly, it’s wrong for our universities, pension funds, places of worship, cities, museums and banks to profit from the wreckage.

"Already, there are events being planned across 5 continents, with inspiring ideas coming out of Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, South Africa and many European countries.

"Whether it’s your university or your local council, your faith group or your workplace – we’re all connected to institutions who shouldn’t be funding the fossil fuel industry.  You can get involved with an event already happening, or organise your own - there’s an organising guide to help you, training events around the country and online support too."

WinACC urges you to join the Global Divestment Mobilisation.