If you sometimes wonder where to start with tackling your own greenhouse gas emissions, WinACC Trustee Bob Whitmarsh has just published a book to help you. 

"Achieving a low carbon household" is a book about how all individuals and households can change their lifestyles to reduce their carbon emissions. 

Achieving a Low Carbon Household bookA thought-provoking book full of practical advice presented in a structured way. 

Paperback £7.50 (Kindle edition £3.75) available here. Bob will sell it for £6.50 at WinACC meetings and to cash buyers (01962 868862).  Further information and chapter summaries.

The book is targeted at the better off in particular because they have disproportionally large carbon footprints.

Two chapters explain the science and consequences of climate change and the background to our use of energy.

The book explains how households can measure their own carbon footprint. Lots of ideas are provided in a structured way according to whether they depend on simple changes in behaviour, some moderate expenditure or installing more expensive renewables.

In separate chapters, there are suggestions for how to cut back on emissions from the use of electricity and gas in the home and from getting about (including travelling abroad). Another chapter describes some actual examples of extensively retrofitted and purpose-built low-carbon homes which the author visited.

Ways to avoid emitting yet more greenhouse gases, when spending money that’s been saved by using less energy, are presented.

The final chapter discusses how everyone can, and should, decide to take responsibility for their own impact on climate change and to work towards changing the norms of behaviour in today’s world.

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