Last week 70,000 Friends of the Earth supporters petitioned Barclays Bank to pull out of fracking. They’ve just heard that the chairman of Barclays has told shareholders that they are planning to pull their money out of Third Energy – the company that’s set its sights on fracking Yorkshire.

Can you take a minute to sign the petition and keep the pressure on the Barclays chairman to pull out of fracking?

Freinds of the Earth say: "We’re so close to winning this. If we can convince a mega bank like Barclays to pull out of fracking it will be a massive blow to the fracking industry."

Monica – a Friends of the Earth supporter from Ryedale – was at the Barclays annual general meeting to hand in the petition. And it was her question to Chairman John McFarlane that prompted him to announce the plans in front of a packed hall. Here’s what she reported:

“After coming to the AGM for three year running, I was so delighted to hear the chairman say the bank are planning to divest from this area. I hope they will follow through on the promise and this is not an empty commitment. I certainly feel reassured and hope that I don’t have to go back next year”.

Please take a moment to sign the petition.