Erich Pica, president of Friends of the Earth US, writes:

"Donald Trump has just announced that my country – the United States – will withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. There’s no way to sugar coat the story. Trump is turning his back on the responsibilities of the US. And on the millions of people impacted by climate change.

"We can’t let the rest of the world follow Trump’s lead on climate change. I’m looking to each and every one of you to put your hand up and say that you won’t let one man and his fossil fuel cronies wreck our chances of securing a safe climate.

"Today’s news is terrifying for the many millions of Americans like me who know we need to do far more – not less – to come up with a global solution to climate change. But even without Trump's support, states and cities in America have already pledged action on climate.

"Like I said when Trump came to office, there’s no way we’re going to let him trash all the progress we’ve made on climate. The resistance is strong and it is growing!

"If you’re with me please sign our climate pledge."