Katie McChesney of GoFossilFree.org writes:

"Last week, Donald Trump announced that the U.S. would exit the Paris Agreement. His decision was immoral, economically counterproductive and politically foolish - but people are already fighting back.  For our colleges and universities, upholding the Paris Agreement must include divesting from fossil fuels. Only then will they show that their commitments to scientific inquiry and social responsibility are more than just slogans.

"These fossil fuel companies are not normal businesses: they have intentionally lied to the American people and their shareholders, poisoned public debate for over four decades, all while pursuing a business model that is wholly incompatible with a safe future on this planet.  The fossil fuel industry has violated the values of truth, justice, and democracy. This is about more than the Paris Accord. This is about what kind of politics we can accept as a nation.

"Every institution of higher learning has a responsibility to act when science and the future of young people are under assault."

Please sign and push USA college and university administrations to immediately divest from this rogue industry.