The government finally published its draft Air Quality Plan on 5 May. Friends of the Earth (FoE) say:

"This should have been a Plan that helped people out of dirty diesels in to clean vehicles and cheaper, better, public transport.  Unfortunately for us all – it wasn’t. Far from it."

So, FoE have launched a week-long action on air quality, aimed at showing MPs that more needs to be done to tackle air pollution.

In support of the action, FoE have some free packs of materials to give away, for individuals who might want to take action on air pollution in their community and a pack for schools wanting to get active and test air quality/run lesson plans on air pollution.

FoE are also planning to add details of any clean air related events happening onto a map, and telling FoE supporters where events are happening near them. So if you’d like to add details of anything you have planned to this page, FoE can help promote them.