Kings Worthy residents have been enjoying easy fun ways to make a difference to climate change. 

Pedeal powered smoothieAt the Kings Worthy School Fair, Connecting Kings Worthy got children making healthy fruit smoothies using pedal power to highlight how much energy we use day-to-day at home. The children powered the smoothie-blender from a bicycle in place of electricity.  The children would have needed 65 hours of pedalling to run an average washing machine cycle at 40°C.  Cutting down to 30°C would take less than half – only 29 hours of pedalling.

At Kings Worthy church fete, Connecting Kings Worthy volunteers made “low energy” cakes using slow cooker and microwave instead of the oven.  This saves money and time as well as reducing pollution from carbon emissions. 

Visitors to the stand said the cakes tasted great, and they were keen to try the recipes for themselves because they were so quick and easy. Kings Worthy School fair

Alison Skillen, a local resident and the WinACC  community coach for Connecting Kings Worthy, said, ‘People know we need to use less energy from fossil fuels, so we wanted to offer practical ideas and have a bit of fun along the way’.

Connecting Kings Worthy is a community group that wants to make its community more sustainable - environmentally and also socially and economically. It is co-ordinated by local charity Winchester Action on Climate Change, and funded by Southern Scottish Electric Network’s SAVE project.

Stand at church feteFor low energy recipes and tips, check out

Anyone who wants to get involved with Connecting Kings Worthy or wants to hear more can visit the Connecting Kings Worthy Facebook page or contact Alison Skillen at .

Photo: All people in the photos have given permission.

Notes to Editors:

1.            Connecting Kings Worthy is a local community group formed through the SAVE project.

2.            The SAVE research project aims to work with the community of Kings Worthy to explore the best ways to talk about home energy reduction. By helping the community achieve a local goal with a positive impact, the project aims to establish better communication with residents about energy behaviours and achieve meaningful and lasting reductions in energy consumption. Over two years 2016 and 2017, a dedicated project worker is working with local residents to explore these issues.

3.            The research project is being funded by Ofgem (the energy industry regulator) through the Low Carbon Network Fund and delivered by Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution and delivered locally by Winchester Action on Climate change.

4.            Winchester Action on Climate Change (WinACC) works to cut the carbon footprint of Winchester district.  Its members include local residents, businesses and local government, working together to create a better future. 

5.            WinACC runs regular meetings throughout the year to get the Winchester community engaged in climate change and lowering carbon emissions.

6.            For further information visit or call Alison Skillen on 01962 827083 or email

7.            Winchester Action on Climate Change Ltd is a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales with company registration no. 08013043. Our registered office is University of Winchester, Sparkford Road, Winchester SO22 4NR. We are also a registered charity in England and Wales with charity no 1150754.