Winchester City Council consultation on waste ended 14 July 2017.  Here’s the reply from WinACC’s Waste Action Group:

In summary, we consider Option A is least likely to be capable of delivering the changes necessary to support glass, food waste and 'on the go' recycling.  

The other three options represent a real opportunity to improve the efficiency of service provision, in turn providing a platform for the essential investment that is required.

The 2016 Essential Services Survey indicated that residents in Winchester have a very strong desire to recycle more materials at home.  

Glass collection was demanded by 84% of survey respondents.  It would allow a scaling back of bring sites with associated financial benefits, would lead to a five percentage point increase in our recycling rate (as indicated by the Project Integra Resource Capture and Treatment Review, February 2015) and a significant reduction in waste related greenhouse gases if well designed.  

In terms of food waste recycling, whilst we appreciate there was less public appetite (26%) we recognise it as the single most transformative action, resulting in a seismic shift in recycling rate and huge environmental benefit compared to disposal via incineration.  

In addition, we believe that provision of 'on the go' recycling bins in the city centre is an essential means of reinforcing the council's Recycle Right message. We understand that the current contract has no capacity to deliver such a service despite the council's commitment to do so.