More than 35 people participated at WinACC’s open meeting on 12 September, which examined how we can keep climate change at the top of the agenda at a time when Brexit negotiations are consuming the energy and capacity of government and policy-makers.

WinACC’s Executive Director, Tom Brenan, and Operations and Governance Director, Richard Blackman, gave introductory presentations on policy areas with significant relevance to climate change where EU legislation has had a substantial impact, notably in the built environment, transport, the natural environment, renewable energy, and waste. One of the key issues that was highlighted was the question of how environmental legislation will be enforced once the EU Withdrawal Bill has completed its passage through parliament.

Participants were then given the opportunity in a world café format to focus in more depth on three of the key subject areas, and asking what they could do as individuals, what organisations or groups they may be affiliated to could do, and what WinACC could do to ensure that climate change policies are kept at the top of policy-makers' agendas when so much time will be devoted to Brexit. One of the key points to emerge was the need to ensure that environmental regulations are not weakened after Brexit, and that future governments are held accountable to EU standards. In addition, legislative changes after Brexit will need to be monitored.