350.org claim that national government's can't be trusted to 'do it alone' when it comes to stopping the fossil fuel industry. They say:

"Every institution and every single level of government has a role to play in stopping this reckless industry before it’s too late. And now we have an opportunity make them step up.

"In September, representatives from local governments and civil society are gathering in San Francisco for the Global Climate Action Summit. It’s the largest gathering of non-national governments ever held and a unique moment to corner the fossil fuel industry.

"Fossil fuel companies rely on the quiet support of our cities and institutions to survive. Through investments, planning permits, sponsorships and more, our cities are allowing the fossil fuel industry to grow. But now, with many cities facing harsh climate impacts like flooding and droughts, they're starting to say 'enough is enough'. "

If you agree, do call on local leaders to commit to stopping the fossil fuel industry around the Global Climate Action Summit.