How often do you think about climate change whilst eating your lunch? Understand the link between climate change and what we eat. Deciding what to eat is something over which young people have some choice and control.

A week of activity leading to WinACC Film Weekend 1-3 Oct 2009 - see home page or leaflet for the different activities

Congratulations and welcome to Bishop’s Waltham parish council - the first parish council to join WinACC.

The Winchester City Council’s Local Development Framework (LDF) Core Strategy will set the ‘spatial strategy’ for the District over the next 20 years and provide ‘strategic’ policies and allocations to deliver the strategy. Once adopted, the Core Strategy sets the direction for other documents within the LDF. 

On 27 February 2009, the Board of the Winchester District Strategic Partnership (WDSP) approved the Climate Change Framework prepared by the Board’s High Quality Environment Group.

WinACC's Science and Technology Advisory Panel has produced a paper which sets out the technical basis for setting national and local targets to mitigate climate change.  It defines the overall energy budget that the district must keep to take its share of national and global emissions cuts required for there to be a chance of keeping global warming to less than 2 degrees C.  The paper shows that a local cut of 7% year on year until 2050 is required for this.

The Science and Technology Advisory Panel has issued an update of its activities.

WinACC’s response to the City Council’s Local Development Framework: Issues and Options paper has been endorsed by seven organizations that support WinACC: Architecture PLB, the City of Winchester Trust, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Sustainable Business Partnership, Sparsholt College, Winchester Friends of the Earth, A2 Housing Association and Winchester Area Community Action (WACA).

The LDF Core Strategy: Issues and Options paper presents a wide range of options covering some of the most important policy areas that will determine the way Winchester City Council will address the challenges of climate change. This response is largely restricted to answering Question 15 of the questionnaire in the paper.

 Press release

Urgent action is needed to bring about major reductions in the carbon footprint of Winchester District over the next eight years if this part of England is to make a serious contribution to minimising the most damaging impacts of human-caused climate change.   That is the view of Robert Hutchison, the Convenor of Winchester Action on Climate Change, which has the support of many of the main organisations in the City including Winchester City Council, Hampshire County Council, the ...