Figures collected by the environmental group Winchester Action on Climate Change (WinACC) suggest that the vast majority of people in Winchester District are convinced that climate change is happening and that preventing global warming is down to national and local politicians as well as individuals.

We can use the demand for extra housing to improve Winchester city if we look for areas that need improving, and locate attractive new housing and small business spaces in those parts of our city.

Oil is getting harder to extract and more expensive, and greenhouse gases are causing climate change.

Local politicians from all three major political parties backed Open GreenHouse: local climate change campaigners opening their homes on Sunday 10 July to show neighbours how to cut energy use.

WinACC Transport Group has produced the third edition of their survey of car parking in Winchester city. Surveys in 2011 confirmed the findings from the previous surveys in May and June 2010.

Winchester district’s carbon footprint has gone down a little in recent years, but not enough to prevent the worst effects of climate change.

Members of WinACC's Science and Technology Advisory Panel have published their predictions of what some aspects of life in Winchester could be like in the year 2015, expressed as they might be seen by someone living in that year.  Click here to view the Winchester in 2015 report.

Among the changes that they foresee are that sales of bottled water will have ‘almost dried up’ by 2015; there will have been a great uptake in home insulation – with virtually all houses with cavity walls properly insulated; an increase in youngsters cycling to school; and the demise of...

Twenty people from business and other organisations in Winchester got a glimpse behind the scenes at green workplaces in the city.

WinACC members Rob & Sue Veck aimed to reduce the emissions of their house by 80%. The Sustainable Energy Academy has estimated that they've hit 79%, leaving the family to find 1% more in 40 years to achieve the Kyoto target.

On Sunday 10 October 2010, Open GreenHouse beat its previous record, with up to 250 visits to 17 homes across Winchester district.