Each Cool Communities EcoGroup comprises five or six individuals from different households who meet four times, usually at someone's house, to work through the cool communities handbook and look at ways of reducing their carbon footprint in a fun and sociable environment.

The handbook contains all the necessary tools to run the meeting and work out your carbon reductions. It’s yours to keep and refer back to during the programme and afterwards.  It is designed in four sections to correspond to the four meetings.

Meeting 1. Everybody calculates their carbon footprint with an easy to use online calculator and works out what their target might be. Meetings 2, 3 and 4 are themed.

Meeting 2. Cool Lifestyles – discover easy ways to change your habits that make a big difference.

Meeting 3. Cool Household systems – practical ways to adapt your house to use less energy.

Meeting 4. Cool communities – blue prints for how you can encourage others to change.

Whether you are completely new to the idea of carbon footprinting or whether you have been reducing your carbon emissions for many years you can learn something new. 

Everybody can get involved in the programme –  your children, partner and even the dog can help cut your carbon footprint at home. See how much you can save in energy and money.