2016 was the hottest year on record. Only immediate action will keep global warming below 2 degrees C - action by governments at international, national and local levels and by individuals.

So we've been thinking hard about what we've achieved as WinACC approaches our tenth birthday, so that we can focus on what will have the most impact.

Since we started, WinACC has worked with and influenced decision-makers in public bodies and politicians of all political parties in Winchester District. And WinACC has helped local people to cut their own carbon footprint – see, for example, our Cool Communities project and our Greener Travel factsheets.

Although people can change how they behave individually, to tread more lightly on the planet, WinACC has concluded that we will have a bigger impact if we can change the world people live in - the infrastructure which affects how we live our lives.

Put simply, people can’t catch the bus to work when there’s no bus.

So our plan for the financial year 2017-2018 puts more emphasis on how we influence the infrastructure of Winchester District.

More on the context for our plan

2016 was more than one degree hotter than pre-industrial time. It was the hottest year on record. 

Floods, storms, heat waves, droughts and wildfires are now much more common worldwide. Climate scientists increasingly attribute the main cause to climate change.

Climate change is warming the seas and melting land ice which causes the oceans to expand so that sea levels rise. This will threaten up to 187 million people worldwide this century.

The 2015 Paris Agreement commits us to keep global warming well below 2°C and ultimately down to 1.5°C. The UK is also committed to cutting emissions by 80% by 2050 relative to 1990. 

Only immediate action will keep global warming below 2 degrees C. - action by governments at international, national and local levels and by individuals.

We hope that our plans will help to do our share towards keeping global warming under 2 degrees. They will also help people to stay healthier, and they make economic sense too.

It used to be fairly common for someone in Winchester to ask WinACC whether climate change really existed.   This never happens now.   

On the other hand, WinACC now understands more clearly how hard it is for people to cut their own carbon footprint. People can't and won't change unless the world they live in makes it easier for them to live a low carbon life. For example, people won’t stop driving if there’s no bus.  On the other hand, people will walk instead of driving if the route feels attractive and safe.  

So from 2017, WinACC is putting more of its effort into working with the City Council, the County Council, and with public health bodies; with policy-makers, politicians, public institutions and business – everyone who can make changes to shape a better world. 

Together, we will build a Winchester District that helps people to live in ways that make them happy and healthy without consuming more than our share of the world’s resources, or adding to the greenhouse gas pollution that affects our health, the climate, and all life on earth.

More about the changes WinACC wants in Winchester District