Green Hedge Energy Ltd have issued an outline of their proposed battery storage scheme at Down Farm, Port Lane, Winchester, SO21 2UZ. Please note the drawing and image below are a rough guide, and that the batteries would be contained within the energy shed (drawing below). Green Hedge Energy state:

"Green Hedge Energy is one of the country’s leading developers of low carbon electricity generation and battery storage facilities, established in 2010. We have identified a site north of Port Lane at Down Farm for a 20 megawatt (MW) battery storage facility and we are keen to get your thoughts. We think the site is very well screened through existing vegetation, away from houses and it is close to SSE’s Port Lane substation (we have accepted a viable grid connection offer).

Battery energy barn to contain and shield the batteries"You may already be aware of how often the UK energy network reaches, or nearly reaches, capacity. This is in part due to older power stations being decommissioned to enable us to reach our CO2  emission targets.  More and more of our electricity is being produced by smaller decentralised ‘power stations’ such as wind and solar and smaller gas turbines but this in itself causes problems for the grid as generation can be intermittent causing fluctuations in the frequency. National Grid is now looking at new ways to support the grid and help balance the grid. One very cost effective solution is through battery storage. Battery storage facilities can be charged at periods of low demand, then fed back into the network when there is a spike in demand or when the Grid needs balancing.   According to National Grid, even a small amount of batteries could save consumers £200m. Battery storage does not receive any subsidy. For this reason, the government has prioritized energy storage and aims for the UK to be a global leader at deploying this innovative technology to save consumers costs and to enable our transition to a low carbon economy.

Bank of lithium-iron batteries"We are proposing a battery storage facility within a purpose made compound. The batteries will located within a number of steel cargo containers, accommodating racks of lithium- ion batteries, inverters and transformers. Importantly, the site is well screened and would be clean, safe and quiet (this is not a diesel generator). The project would have a lifetime of 25 years after which the battery system would be removed and the building handed over to the landowner for agricultural use. Like solar farms, the project would contribute business rates which, we understand, would be 100% retained by the Borough."