Hampshire County Council, Winchester City Council, the NHS, environmentalists, all want to see more walking, cycling and public transport so that no-one needs to drive a car to go about the daily life.

Transport strategies and plans tend to focus on cars.  Winchester City Council has had a cycling strategy for some time, workng with the Cycle Working Group which includes cyclists.

In 2014, they been working on a walking strategy, involving community representatives and WinACC.

Now it's time to think about a strategy for public transport. 

"A Framework for a Public Transport Strategy for Winchester District: A discussion on how improving public transport can reduce greenhouse gas emissions"  suggests issues that a strategy would need to address.  It was published by WinACC Transport Group, August 2013 to stimulate discussion and demonstrate how a strategy could identify priorities for the District.  So one or two of the facts will have changed, but the idea is as valid as ever.

We’d welcome your views. We hope the strategy helps you frame your ideas.

A presentation about this framework was given by Phil Gagg on behalf of WinACC at the Winchester Passenger Transport Forum on 26 Nov 2013.