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In November 2015 WinACC held a meeting on Saving for good: using our money responsibly

This looked at:

  • How banks use our money and what we can do about it
  • How pension funds use our money and what we can do about it.
  • What we can do with our own money

Speakers included

  • Fionn Travers-Smith of Move Your Money on the choices for ethical, sustainable and fossil-free banking
  • WinACC trustee Claire Jones who works in the pensions industry focuses on the intersection between pensions and sustainability talking on Fossil fuels and your pension 
  • Marcus Chapman of Worthy Financial Planning looking at investing in renewable energy as an alternative - What else you can do with your money .

Talks and questions were followed by a workshop session looking at the practical things people could do. Top actions included

  • Writing to your pension manager
  • Lobbying Hampshire County Council about their investment policy
  • Invest in getting your house more energy-efficient, see WinACC's top tips

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