1. Aim

To provide a panel of committed local scientists, engineers, economists and social scientists to support the work of WinACC in areas where critical informed opinion is required.

2. Activities

The key activities of STAP will be:

  1. To feed into and support the development of WinACC’s strategy and policy and provide scientific and technical support to the implementation of the business plan.
  2. To provide up-to-date scientific and technical advice to WinACC either proactively or as requested by Action Groups, the Strategy and Policy Committee and the Chairman.
  3. To write informative and well informed supporting material for WinACC .
  4. To keep abreast of developments in the field of climate science, energy and other relevant topics.
  5. To vet all scientific and technical outward-going information from WinACC, within its expertise, such as web materials, presentations etc. to ensure they are factually accurate.

3. Method of working

STAP will normally meet for around 90 minutes every other calendar month at a meeting chaired by the elected STAP Chair.   The agenda for meetings will be set by the Chair, including input and suggestions from STAP members and the Co-Directors. Minutes of each meeting will be circulated by the STAP Chair and will be copied to the WinACC Office for wider dissemination as agreed. Work between meetings will ordinarily be undertaken via e-mail.

It is anticipated that members of the group will be committed and will attend meetings regularly (or make their apologies in advance) and will discharge actions to which they have agreed and which are recorded in the minutes of meetings.

STAP will align its activity with and contribute to WinACC strategy and policy, working cooperatively with other WinACC groups in areas of mutual interest. To ensure co-ordination and liaison, STAP relies on the WinACC office and Strategy and Policy Committee; in addition, STAP hopes to receive the minutes of, and attend, other groups if members have time.

STAP and its members shall not enter into legal or financial commitments or issue media statements or responses without the written approval of WinACC Co-Directors or WinACC Chair.

4. Membership

New appointments to STAP will be made by invitation from the STAP Chair or by application to STAP.  In both cases the decision to appoint a new member will be taken by STAP as a whole.

Members of STAP will typically be experienced in some aspect of environmental science, climate change science, engineering, economics and social science including psychology.

Appointment to STAP will be for one year with renewal at an annual meeting in January each year.  In the first instance the appointment of the STAP Chair will be made jointly by the WinACC Chair, Vice-Chairs and Director, thereafter, STAP will elect a Chair and Secretary each January.

Membership of STAP will not normally exceed eight people although others with relevant experience may be co-opted for a short period to help with a specific task and/or included on email circulation lists of interested parties.

Agreed February 2016