Do you want to learn how to grow salad, vegetables and fruit?

Incredible Edible Winchester, WinACC's Food Action Group, now has a community allotment. 

Winter is a great time to get the veggie and fruit patch ready for the food growing season ahead. Incredible Edible Winchester shares top tips on what to do.

Autumn Seasonal Tips by Jim Morgan

Meet the team & help us shape future food growing ideas. We will be discussing the ideas we have for promoting community food growing in the area. We would love your input: about what you want to do, what might work and what you want to learn about growing food together. 

The IEW team had a fascinating visit in early September to the Horticulture area of Sparsholt College. Invited by Grounds Manager Jamie Cryer after our successful GQT event in May, we were keen to see the facilities there for ourselves.

This year the focus is on food waste. Why? Because it affects everybody. Find out more about the activities, podcast and campaign here 

Here is a brief summary of why the focus is on food waste this year...

We ALL throw food away!

Lots of people found out more about growing their own food at Incredible Edible Winchester's Vertical Garden at Abbey Gardens at last weekend's Hat Fair. 

Incredible Edible will be creating a Vertical Garden in Abbey Gardens for the Hat Fair weekend 2016. Come and see how you can grow things in impossible spaces. This living installation will be filled with edible flowers and vegetables that everybody can try. If you can grow it here, you can grow it anywhere!