Two linked public events to share ideas and test consensus on how to make it easier and more pleasant to move round Winchester town. Tuesday 13 June 7.30: Learning from Oxford; Saturday 1 July 10.30: Applying the lessons.

Traffic congestion was the biggest challenge identified by last year's conference Winchester: Thinking Ahead. The conference report said "Winchester will inevitably change – to manage it, we need to address movement – i.e. how people move about the city, including walking, cycling, public transport, traffic congestion as well as cars and other vehicles."

Following our public meeting on Tuesday 13 June "Movement in Winchester: Learning from Oxford" , this meeting considered what we want in Winchester town, and what we can learn from other places. 

WinACC's response to the Silver Hill consultation April 2014.

What is our vision for Winchester town centre? It's already a great place. How can we keep it a destination of choice in the future? WinACC's Transport Action Group has been looking at what is happening in other cities and towns to make places even more attractive to shoppers, visitors and residents.