An amusing video about Hinkley Point C nuclear power station focussing on the economic case by Robert Llewellyn who supports nuclear power, just not Hinkley Point C

A detailed examination of nuclear power from WinACC's Bob Whitmarsh.

The Greenpeace campaign to stop Hinkley nuclear plant is about to go to the heart of political power. An urgent inquiry on the new nuclear plant has been scheduled in Parliament on Wednesday 23 March. Greenpeace wants 100,000 people to sign their petition. This isn't a petition against nuclear power altogether. It’s about this scheme at Hinkley which will cost too much, be too slow and may not work at all....

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Nuclear power

Dr Frank Barnaby's talk of 1 March 2012 at a joint WinACC and University event, about whether nuclear power can be deployed fast enough on a world scale to tackle climate change, and whether this is possible without fuelling the proliferation of nuclear weapons, nuclear terrorism and nuclear war.