WinACC food action promotes locally grown food and reduced food waste within the Winchester District in order to reduce the district’s greenhouse gas emissions.
The Action Group, Incredible Edible, encourages people to grow their own food, buy locally and compost wasted food. Although people growing their own food will not have a great impact of the carbon footprint of the district, it raises awareness about more sustainable foods, food in season and reducing food waste.


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Mary ClearLocal charity, Winchester Action on Climate Change, is hosting a talk by Mary Clear, one of the founder members of

Help is at hand for people in the Fulflood area who can't cope with too many apples or other gluts of fruit or veg - just call on "Fruits of Fulflood".

Summer and Owen Batchelor were given plants at the Hat Fair back in July and here is the story of their progress in photos. They have tomatoes!

July 2011:

August 2011:

How often do you think about climate change whilst eating your lunch? Understand the link between climate change and what we eat. Deciding what to eat is something over which young people have some choice and control.



Incredible Edible (Food Action) Winchester promotes local food growing, buying local seasonal food and reducing food waste. These are our aims:

1. Raising awareness of the carbon footprint of food
2. Encouraging people to think about where food comes from and promoting locally sourced, seasonal food.
3. Raising awareness about the environmental damage of wasted food and way people can reduce their waste at home.

We welcome new members - experts and enthusiasts alike. You can get involved in regular planting and maintenance, helping communities to set up and grow their own food or talking to individual and groups about food waste and buying seasonal foods. Contact us on