Link to an excellent video by the Centre for Sustainable Energy on how to programme your thermostat. 

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General advice to save energy:

Installing and using heating controls can significantly reduce your heating bills by only heating your house and water to the temperatures you need – when you need it.  A room thermostat and seven thermostatic radiator valves cost around £350 and could save you £70 - £150 a year. 

We are now metered for water as well as the gas we use to heat it. So even more reason not to waste hot water. You may be able to save without spoiling your experience in the shower by fitting a Challis Water Widget.

At WinACC's open meeting on 2 August 2014, Ewan Simmonds shared his data on gas and electricty consumption over the years, showing the impact of installing solar water heating, solar PV and a new boiler. Here is a pdf of his data.

On Wednesday 9 April, the Government launched the Renewable Heat Incentive for homes - like FITS, but for renewable heat instead of electricity.


For decades we have relied on the abundance of cheap energy produced by fossil fuels to heat our homes. But this has made us wasteful in terms of money and valuable resources, and it's changing the climate. With the cost of energy rising and winter on its way, this is a good time to think about how to keep warm.

Updated 22 Oct 2017

Heating our homes in winter uses a lot of energy and many people’s bills are rising as fuel prices rise. Read on for tips to reduce your energy used for heating - they will save you money and also reduce your impact on climate change.

Tips for keeping warm:

  1. Simple ways to keep warm


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WinACC Home Energy Advice Service can help you save money, save energy and stay warm. These pages offer practical help and also ways frontline workers can help vulnerable people.
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Heating and hot water

The former Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Government, Sir David King, has said of the new book by Professor David Mackay ‘Sustainable Energy – without the hot air’ that it ‘sets out with enormous clarity and objectivity the various alternative low carbon pathways that are open to us’.