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Heating with wood

Wood-burning stoves can supplement an existing heating system and can also make a wonderful focal point in your living or dining room.  Back-boiler stoves provide heating  for the whole house and/or hot water as well.

Heating buildings using woodfuel could save you money whilst also reducing CO2 emissions and helping the UK meet its targets for renewable energy. Gillian Alker, formerly the Forestry Commission’s Woodfuels Officer for the South East, told WinACC's open meeting on 5th June, that there is over 2 million tonnes of wood available in the UK from under-managed woodland.


Three out of the six 630 MW electricity generation units at the Drax power station have been converted to burning biomass in the form of wood pellets (BiofuelWatch, 2015; Drax, 2016).

Since wood is part of the natural carbon cycle any carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, which is emitted when the wood is burnt will almost immediately be absorbed during photosynthesis by other living plant material. So there will be no net increase in the carbon dioxide in the air and therefore effectively zero contribution to climate change.

Wood stoves are a safe and efficient way to have a fire in your house. Find out more here.


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