To create a sustainable Winchester, new developments must meet WinACC's criteria on:
1) Development Location, Density & Orientation.
2) Building Design
3) Embedded Carbon & Materials Selection
4) Energy Generation, Supply & Export
5) Transport & Civic Amenities

See details of WinACC's position on new developments. See WinACC's vision for sustainable transport


WinACC Transport Action Group's "Transport Vision for Winchester" sets out the changes we need to make the city more friendly for walking and cycling.

We can use the demand for extra housing to improve Winchester city if we look for areas that need improving, and locate attractive new housing and small business spaces in those parts of our city.

Published July 2011, the Winchester Town Access Plan from Winchester City Council and Hampshire County Council is a strategy which sets out a shared vision for how access to facilities and services within the town will be improved. 

Winchester City Council asked people what type of place they want to live in not only now but in the future. "Looking ahead ten or even twenty years -  what kind of places do we want to live in?  How do we allow them to change?  What matters most as we look into the future at the social and economic issues that affect us?“ Our response was based on what was said by 135 people who came to a meeting on 6 November 2010 convened by WinACC with the City of...

We need a vision of Winchester in 2020 as a sustainable city where people like to live and work.


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See also our vision of a sustainable Winchester, our pages on local building developments and on the Local Plan, on air pollution, walkingcycling and other aspects of transport.


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