Write to your MP, sign a petition, ask questions, demonstrate -- make your voice heard on climate change


Climate justice group 350 is asking us all to join the fight against climate change and call on world leaders to meet the targets in the Paris Agreement and save the planet from climate devastation, immediately halting new coal, oil and gas development and finance a just transition towards a 100% renewable energy future for all.

Friends of the Earth petition to ditch diesel.

Last week, 10:10 kicked off its Blown Away campaign with a petition demanding that fossil fuels are not given more financial support than clean, renewable onshore wind.

Together Greenpeace and its supporters are going to take the government to court.  Are you in?

Greenpeace reports that this has been the hottest year in 115,000 years; Arctic ice levels are near rock bottom; yet Theresa May just approved a runway at Heathrow which could fuel even more climate change. "It’s beyond a joke".

Campaigning to urge business and financial institutions to divest from fossil fuels - is it worthwhile, and how to do it - with links

The results of the Winchester City Council elections 5 May 2016 are on the Council website.

We thought you would want to know what candidates thought about climate change and related matters such as energy.

Greenpeace highlighted their campaign for the government to come up with an action plan to clean up our air by scaling and placing gas masks on Nelson's column and 14 other iconic statues.

Following the historic international climate deal agreed in Paris in December 2015, Christian Aid is campaiging for the UK Government to turn commitments into reality.

The Greenpeace campaign to stop Hinkley nuclear plant is about to go to the heart of political power. An urgent inquiry on the new nuclear plant has been scheduled in Parliament on Wednesday 23 March. Greenpeace wants 100,000 people to sign their petition. This isn't a petition against nuclear power altogether. It’s about this scheme at Hinkley which will cost too much, be too slow and may not work at all....


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National and global issues, and campaigns you might want to support. WinACC can't keep up-to-date with all that's happening - if you want to keep abreast of national and global politics on climate change, there are many websites and twitter accounts such as Climate Home, or the Friends of the Earth policy blog


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