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At this moment Brazil's leaders are at a critical crossroads. They are considering policies that could set the country – and the entire region – on a path of clean energy leadership. Or, they could take the well-trodden path of increased greenhouse gas emissions, displacement of indigenous peoples and rainforest destruction that affects us all.

Community energy is developing rapidly in the UK but faces serious threats from tax changes and moves by the Financial Conduct Authority. Write to your MP. Full briefing...

The Infrastructure Bill includes a legal obligation on UK government to "maximise economic recovery of UK petroleum". in other words, get as much oil out of the ground as possible. Here's a sample letter to send to your MP, and more about the Bill...

The Government plans to change the law so that people cannot stop fracking firms drilling under our land and homes. WinACC is concerned about fracking because it releases more fossil fuel for us to burn, creating more greenhouse gas and adding to global warming. See our pages about shale gas and fracking.

Climate change is already wreaking havoc in the world’s poorest countries – driving hunger, conflict and extreme weather. This year’s floods brought home to us the reality of climate change in the UK too. But the future could be so much brighter for millions of people if the next government ups its game.

Many pension providers have big investments in fossil fuel projects, which is bad for the planet and risky for our pensions too. Christian Aid and ShareAction have launched a campaign to address this issue. 

Find out more about their campaign

You'll have read the latest reports from the IPCC. The 2015 Paris climate summit will determine our planet’s future. This is our chance to influence it. Sign now.

On 21 September 2014 , WinACC supporters took our banner and our voice to the People's Climate March in London joining 40,000 people there and up to a million world-wide on the Global Day of Action on .

Links to several national petitions related to the 2014 floods, and statements from Met Office, Lord Stern, and David Cameron.

From community energy schemes to farmers, to food producers, more and more people are using farm-sized wind power to generate energy.

It’s great for them and it means more places for everyone to get electricity from.  They’re growing local, home-grown energy, and we need you to get behind them.


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National and global issues, and campaigns you might want to support. WinACC can't keep up-to-date with all that's happening - if you want to keep abreast of national and global politics on climate change, there are many websites and twitter accounts such as Climate Home, or the Friends of the Earth policy blog


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