The Paris Climate Conference 2015 from 30 November to 11 December (otherwise known as COP21) achieved a new international agreement on the climate. WinACC Chair Tony Stoller writes: "The Paris Accord on climate change is a terrific achievement. For 195 countries to agree that action is essential and urgent  reflects the efforts of citizens across the world - including here in Winchester and district.  Of course, Paris on its own isn't nearly enough. We all need to continue and redouble our work to make sure that what has been said is now done, locally, nationally and internationally."


Greenpeace have just found out that the government is about to attack solar power yet again. Unbelievably, ministers are planning to hit schools and businesses that invest in solar power with huge tax hikes. reports that the think-tank Oil Change International have recalculated the mathematics of climate change. The basic gist is this: oil and gas fields and coal mines already in production contain enough carbon to carry us past the two degree mark.

Following the historic international climate deal agreed in Paris in December 2015, Christian Aid is campaiging for the UK Government to turn commitments into reality.

Kiribati’s president expects the first climate change refugees to abandon the island by 2020. He was speaking at a meeting of Pacific countries, to talk through strategy after the COP21 summit. 

The WinACC/FoE meeting on 19 January looked at what happens after the historic Paris Climate Agreement in December - globally, nationally and locally. People want to influence national and local politicians, news media and people to turn our commitments into reality. Please join us and join in.

Global warming will be between 2.7 and 3.7 degrees C even if all countries make all the emissions cuts they promised at Paris.

Now that the Paris Agreement has been signed, the work begins.

13 December 2015

Not a fair COP

On December 10,  leaders of different faiths met the French president, François Hollande, to deliver 1,833,973 signatures to a Climate Petition. An impressive amount of faithful demanding Climate Justice! 


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National and global issues, and campaigns you might want to support. WinACC can't keep up-to-date with all that's happening - if you want to keep abreast of national and global politics on climate change, there are many websites and twitter accounts such as Climate Home, or the Friends of the Earth policy blog

Paris Climate Conference

Nations have agreed to aspire to a boundary of 1.5ºC global mean average temperature rise. But to what degree is this new "icon" for limiting climate change based on science and can we even achieve it?

Read Jeremy Leggett's chronicle of events in energy and climate the run up to Paris.

EU climate chief says there's no plan B if the Paris Climate Conference ends in failure, and  urges world leaders to force their ministers to agree a deal. 


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