A climate change poem for the Paris summit 2015, written after the WinACC open meeting by WinACC supporter Rupert Marks

My 2050 is a great game by DECC, which puts you in charge of the UK's energy grid.

The Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church agree that Christians must act on climate change.

The Church of England’s lead bishop on the environment shares the Vatican statement’s clear view that climate change is largely caused by human activity and mitigating it is a ‘moral and religious imperative for humanity’. The Bishop of Salisbury, Nicholas Holtam, said: 

Carbon Brief have produced this helpful diagram showing what all the party manifestos say on climate change and energy.

A recent report* estimates that most of the known reserves of coal, oil and gas must remain in the ground.

Please make sure that climate change is a high priority for our new MPs and Councillors!

 In this crucial year for the future of humanity, we must make it clear to politicians of all parties that there are votes in climate change. They say it's not a subject that people ask them about. So please make sure you do! 

Climate Change/Global Warming scored 8.78 on a scale of 10

The Infrastructure Bill includes a legal obligation on UK government to "maximise economic recovery of UK petroleum". in other words, get as much oil out of the ground as possible. Here's a sample letter to send to your MP, and more about the Bill...

The final agreements at the recent EU2030 Climate and Energy Negotiations were not as strong as we called for, and are a long way off what the scientists have said we need to make, but there were a few good outcomes.

On 21 September 2014 , WinACC supporters took our banner and our voice to the People's Climate March in London joining 40,000 people there and up to a million world-wide on the Global Day of Action on .



Write to your MP, sign a petition, ask questions, demonstrate -- make your voice heard on climate change

Half the global population – around 3.5 billion people – are responsible for only around 10% of total global emissions attributed to individual consumption yet live overwhelmingly in the countries most vulnerable to climate change.

Divesting from fossil fuel, the price of oil, the profits from fossil fuel, and other climate change aspects of the global economy

The Paris Climate Conference 2015 from 30 November to 11 December (otherwise known as COP21) achieved a new international agreement on the climate. WinACC Chair Tony Stoller writes: "The Paris Accord on climate change is a terrific achievement. For 195 countries to agree that action is essential and urgent  reflects the efforts of citizens across the world - including here in Winchester and district.  Of course, Paris on its own isn't nearly enough. We all need to continue and redouble our work to make sure that what has been said is now done, locally, nationally and internationally."


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