Works to Winchester bus station start at the beginning of July, to be completed by September. When the bus station reopens, buses will no longer use the High Street but travel through the bus station in a northerly direction along Friarsgate and/or Tanner St and Silver Hill and use the bus stops behind Marks & Spe

The Three Rivers Community Rail Partnership is delighted to announce that the popular rail bus link between
Eastleigh Station and Marwell Zoo will be returning for 2017.

The M1 bus service will run from April 8 to 4 September 2017 and will be operated by First Bus.

From Saturday 4 July together with the South Downs National Park and the East Hampshire Community Rail Partnership, Go South Coast offer the South Downs Rambler bus service.

WinACC comments on the emerging thoughts of the City Council about the Park and Ride buses.

"A Framework for a Public Transport Strategy for Winchester District: A discussion on how improving public transport can reduce greenhouse gas emissions"  suggests issues that a strategy would need to address.  It was published by WinACC Transport Group, August 2013 to stimulate discussion and demonstrate how a strategy could identify priorities for the District.  So one or two of the facts will have changed, but the idea is as valid as ever.

This consultation by Hampshire County Council about their plans to cut up £1.25m to £1.5m from public transport closed on 31 May 2014.

Public exhibition in Winchester’s Guildhall 27-29 March 2014.


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The more people that use the bus, the less greenhouse gas is produced by each journey.

The more people that use the bus, the more we show the Council and Government that people need buses.

The more people that use the bus, the more routes the bus companies can provide and the more buses on each route.

Can travelling to school be both safe and green? By encouraging people to follow the guidance in this leaflet, we can contribute to healthy life styles and promote environmentally-friendly attitudes to travel.

Lorraine Smith, Head teacher, Western C of E Primary School, Winchester

The new timetable giving buses and routes in Winchester District from July 2012 is attached.

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WinACC Transport Action Group's "Transport Vision for Winchester" sets out the changes we need to make the city more friendly for walking and cycling. See other items about WinACC's vision for Winchester, and what we said to various consultations.